Goals 2018 Here's a list of things I wish to accomplish by the end of 2018

I will strike off or may add a few things to the list, as I update or set new goals.

So the strategy that I use when setting goals is, I set targets which are in my control, rather than setting a goal as an outcome of something.
Let me give you an example-
Let’s say I wish to get in shape, and I calculated that I need to lose 10kg of weight.
So rather than setting the goal as-
“Lose 10kg by December”,
I will set the rules for which I am in charge. So it will go something like this-
“No sweets for 6 months”
“Avoid junk food”
“Workout 5 days a week”

So what happens is, you’re¬†doing your best and giving 100% efforts from your side. And so, the results are sure to come if you stay consistent and honest with yourself. Also, there will be no point of disappointment¬†or guilt, as you’re taking total control of your situations and goals.

Here’s a list of goals I’ve set for the year 2018-

  • Publish a fully functioning website.
  • Get a job/internship in digital marketing.
  • Post 10 blog posts.
  • Upload at least 10 videos on YouTube channel.
  • Read 6 more books.