If you’re in your 20’s and chasing success, read this.

Are you in your 20’s, just out of college or looking forward in your career and you have no idea about what you want to do with your life? Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about “success” and you have no clue how you’re gonna achieve it? Read on, this article is for you.

Nowadays, people start expecting results in life too soon. Everybody is comparing themselves with the people around them- their friends, peers, relatives. They get overwhelmed when they hear anything about other’s success stories, like someone getting a job with a lucrative salary package, someone starting their own business, or someone getting successful in an entrance exam. Then they start doubting their own self-worth and confidence.

If you have ever experienced this feeling, I want you to understand that it’s too soon to start judging yourself. It’s too soon to start expecting results. It’s too soon for you to think that you’ve wasted all your life and you’re worth nothing.

Too many of us go after the short-term gratifications. We all want money to buy the latest iPhone, to buy a Rolex and flaunt on social media. We all want to have multiple sources of income and live a life of so-called “passive income” and travel the world while our assets make money for us. Now I am not saying that it’s wrong to dream about having all these things. Sure, these you must have a desire and goals to achieve all of this. But all I am saying is that, it’s too soon.

Understand that success is not the way you think. Fulfilling your short-term gratifications is not success. Success is a long-term game, it’s a game based on the principle of compounding effect. You don’t just get a job or start a business and be successful. First, you learn, only then you earn. It’s not about the salary package, it’s about the skill, it’s about the person you become in the process.

All I am saying is, have patience. Don’t chase success too early. To quote a dialogue from my favourite movie 3 Idiots,

“Kaamyabi ke pichey mat bhaago. Kaabil bano, kaamyabi jhakh maarke piche aajayegi.”

First become the person who is capable of attracting success. Have patience, stay consistent, and understand that it is a domino effect. Your efforts will stack up over time. Hone your skills, work on yourself, become better each day, and success is sure to come!

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