How do you deal with negative people?

So as you might know, I have a secret YouTube channel, that very few people know.

Recently, I have seen a few controversial marketing being done to make money. There are some people who were faking their income claims just to get customers for their courses.

Since I have been a part of this industry for some time now, I know what’s real and what’s fake.

So there were some ‘gurus’ whom I thought were faking, so I just tried to debunk how they did those things…

When I did this, and my video got a bit of attention, some gurus got really offended. It kicked their butt so hard that now I’m getting threats of damaging my online reputation.

Because of all this mess, I’m feeling like whatever I’m doing is worthless. This online marketing space is very very very mean and cruel. It seems like there is no place for honest and truthful marketing. Everyone just wants to sell a dream by using manipulative tactics.

I really feel like quitting. I had longed for so long to be a YouTuber, but now when I’ve seen the reality, it feels like this is not what I wanted.

I’m thinking of selling or just simply quitting this project. I have learnt a lot from this. I’m planning to maybe implement whatever I’ve learnt in a startup or something.

Like maybe I could start my own startup. Maybe I could work in a company on basis of results of this project (like digital deepak did). Maybe I could work in my café and help it scale. Maybe I could start my advertising agency (I’m really curious about stopmotion video ads for e-commerce). Or maybe I could become a travel vlogger (because I love traveling and trekking). Or maybe I could start an online business or a YouTube channel in some other niche. Or maybe i could work for some influencer whom I admire, like digital Deepak or digital Pratik or etc. Or maybe I could become a monk and go on a search for meaning of life and all the questions I have about this universe.

I don’t know.

But at this time I’m feeling really really really low.

This marketing field is full of negative people. They just wanna make money, they don’t wanna invest in learning skills. And they feel jealous of other people’s success. They’re living with a crab mentality.

I don’t know what I will do after this. I just cancelled my MailerLite annual plan, because I might not continue this project. Let’s see.

It’s 4:46 a.m and I’m lying on my bed wondering what I’m gonna do next.

8 thoughts on “How do you deal with negative people?”

  1. We all have bad times in our lives where the things don’t work as we want them to , it’s ok to feel low sometimes but to quit isn’t an option. I wanna share something with you, which makes me feel motivated in my bad times and I hope this will help you too.
    Work for the change you want.

    Here’s the one I wanted to share:

    “Quitting is never an option on the road to success. Find the way forward. If you have a positive mindset and are willing to persevere, there is little that is beyond your reach. The attitude of being ready to work even in the face of challenges and despite odds is what will make all the difference in your life.”

    Although many opportunities are waiting for you😊

    GIVE YOURSELF A LITTLE BREAK for better results.

  2. Hey,
    I know it must be really hard and disappointing to face such things. But people like me look up to you and get charged up to pursue what we love!
    Maybe these hardships are a way to tell you that you’re doing something right all along because the path of least resistance can never teach you lessons worth sharing. And what’s life then? if not a bunch of experiences to be conveyed and hence, remembered..
    Also, whatever you choose to do, you’ll always face such people and two things you can do are: reminding yourself about your own idols, who didn’t quit in the face of hardships and are today at the top of the world; and to never quit because you have the potential to reach there too!
    We, who support you, are with you! Always! 🙌

  3. Bro, You have been helping n-number of newbies throughout the channel you have. I have never seen any other DM who actually tells not to buy a funnel and rather build your own. Just think about it. When most of the people lose their hope that this field is for the persons who can invest on costly tools and then leave from midway, you are an inspiration AF for them. Which field doesn’t have these people? everywhere. And they are the losers. Only a few minutes left for the New Year. Cheer up. Happy New Year Bro. Never give up on those idiots.


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