Start Investing As Soon As Possible!

Whether you’re earning money or not, please start investing some money as soon as possible!

I’ve been reading about finance and investing for quite some time now, but so far it had just been theoretical. But recently, I’ve started investing my money.

You might feel that you don’t know anything about investing or money…

Trust me, I have been the same. I come from a physics background, and I had zero knowledge about money. But soon I realised, gaining this knowledge is crucial because our financial future depends upon it.

And it’s no rocket science, it’s just some knowledge you have to gain once, and it will help you throughout your life.

The formula I have been implementing now is, live modest in your 20s to live a lavish lifestyle in your 30s.

This is because, compounding interest is magical, and many people don’t yet understand the true power of compounding.

Here are some best resources to get started with your financial journey-

Let’s Talk Money by Monika

None of this is sponsored in any way 🙂

I hope this helps!

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